10 things to do in Changunarayan Village

Shortly after I got to Nepal someone invited me to do a home-stay in his village. Somehow I thought there would be something to do. He managed to convince me to commit to 3 nights. It was quiet, peaceful and grandma ground some coffee beans on an ancient grinding wheel for my morning coffee, so I guess it was memorable after all.

Changunarayan isn't like that. It is also the last stop on the bus route, but Changunarayan is only an hour bus ride, it's close enough to see Kathmandu on most days. My friend's village is an 8-hour bus ride and the bus only comes once a day. Buses come to Changunarayan every 30 minutes.

Whether you stay with one of the village families with a home-stay, one of the Nepali guest houses or Star View, depending on what level of comfort you like, here are 10 things to do in Changu:

1. Rent mountain bikes to ride for a day or two. There are biking trails all along the Valley Rim Route. The bikes are 800 NRs. per day each. Call 015141181 to reserve yo…

Having a Healing Experience in Nepal

People come to Nepal to trek and see the sites, but may completely miss the opportunity to have a spiritual or healing experience. The Vipasana meditation retreats are available in a few monastaries; we are happy to help arrange something for you while you are here. These are usually for a donation only.

There are also lesser known things to do. There are shamen in various traditions from Hindu and Buddhist to lesser known, indigenious methods. The majority of  these people don't speak English, so you will need to have a Nepali guide take you. I went to a few of these healers with mixed results. One time I went to a Nepali man in a dark room up a few flights of ancient, wooden stairs. I sat on the floor while he treated others by giving them special oils, herbs and religious instruction. Then there was the main treatment, hitting the patient with a broom.

I didn't really have a complaint, but had been dealing with intermittent pain in my right shoulder joint from riding on th…

Dinnertime at Star View Guest House


Making Star View Even Better

Seems another tourist season has come and gone. It was pretty good and I enjoyed seeing Thamel lined with tourists on a couple of occasions, especially since there are no cars in the shopping district streets.  We've been doing repairs and upgrading the property by painting the common areas, but that's not all. We finally tiled our problematic kitchen wall. We couldn't figure out what to do with it so we tiled it from floor to ceiling. It looks so nice and clean now with the added benefit of having a place to write our shopping list.
Our other improvements are on our rooftop terrace. We got our wrought iron chairs delivered. I found a small shelf to get all our coffee/tea time things off the table. I finally found cups that don't break without a whole lot of effort. We don't use plastic, other than for food canisters, and no aluminum; cups and glasses can get pretty pricey.  We have started the tradition of serving complimentary coffee and homemade dessert each af…

One of the Best Places to Get a Short-Wave Signal-In the World Yep, you guessed it...

Where better than the Star View Guest House in Changunarayan, Nepal? Several of our few guests who came to Nepal for their Ham Radio hobby came back and one even came back and left us a lovely radio and antenna set-up. 

Particularly from October 1 through the start of June, we have amazingly clear skies, both day and night. There are only a handful of Ham Radio buffs in Nepal and even fewer Radio Shacks in which to enjoy our amazingly clear channels. If you are a HAM radio buff and would like to enjoy some radio time without having to bring your equipment, we invite you to come to Changunarayan and stay at the edge of the hilltop at Star View Guest House and enjoy all that Nepal has to offer. 

We have two mountain bikes, which you are most welcome to use at no charge when you come as a radio shack guest. 

We provide a large room with attached bath and an extra room for using the radio, both on the top floor and step out to the rooftop terrace. Our guests can also sit out on our rooftop a…

Our French Canadian Guests' Blog Post in French

Bistarebistare Le Soleil qui tape, dégoulinantes de sueur et bien empoussiérées. C’est ainsi que nous avons fait notre entrée dans Changu Narayan depuis Bodhnath, Népal. Le plan: faire le tour de la vallée de Katmandou à la marche, puis nous diriger vers Pokhara, vive le trekking.