Dinnertime at Star View Guest House

Seems tourist season is already upon us. We had our first full house of the season this past Saturday. We've been working on making the guesthouse even better and I'm beginning to see a slow-down in the budget for repairs and upgrades. 

If you are one of the Americans who are heavily impacted by the medical insurance and other changes, you can come to Nepal and get your dental, medical testing and various procedures done here for a fraction of the cost, even when you consider the travel costs. Here's an article to help you think about Nepal as an option. If you need a particular medication let me know. I can research the availability of it in Nepal. http://frugaltravelsnepal.blogspot.com/2017/01/how-to-find-good-health-care-in-nepal.html

Some meals are just fun to eat and some foods are worth waiting for. We’ve been waiting for almost an entire year, but it’s finally that time. Avocados are getting ripe and I actually paid $4.50 kg. and it was well worth it. It seems like a lot because chicken meat is only $3.00 kg. 

Our favorite meal with avocado is hummus and Bimala, our cook, made a delicious feast for our guests. We are hosting 10 Chinese architecture students who are practicing their skills by drawing our ancient temple and grounds. I have to say that they are some of the most gracious guests we’ve had so far at the Star View Guest House. 

We serve all-you-can-eat family style and it’s always something interesting. I like to offer our guests meals they don’t get to eat while traveling in Asia.  All together, we devoured almost the entire kilo of chick pea. We had homemade nachos, Basmati rice and raw carrot with the meal. One of the nicest things about serving this kind of dinner is how it adds to the ability to have a great conversation and an extra long dinner time. 

We also had a couple of French Canadian girls who helped make dinner. Not only did they learn how to roll out a tortilla, but they got to eat their dinner for free because they helped. We welcome our guests into our kitchen, but we reserve the right to limit the situation due to health and safety reasons. When we have someone on a deep budget we try to give them an opportunity to save a bit when we can, but Ama is a crazy person when it comes to cooking time; it’s about germ management.

Yes, we have Dal Bhat, the traditional Nepali meal and can provide a meat dish upon request. Otherwise, we try to minimize cross contamination by cooking vegetarian. We take extra care for germs when we serve meat. For instance, we buy the meat the same day we eat it and the same day the animal was slaughtered to minimize problems. We suggest eating vegetarian while in Nepal. Here are some other tips from our other blog. Foods to Avoid in Nepal

What's for dinner at the Star View Guest House? You can have just about anything we can find the ingredients for, so if you've been traveling for awhile and want a familiar comfort food just let us know. Here are a few pictures of some of our meals:

Aloo Paratha, which is mashed potato in flat bread served with our special Ju Ju Dau (yogurt)

We found organic beetboot, so Bimala made Borsch.

Manchurian Cabbage on a bed of rice

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